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As a craftsman, making them fake is more painful than cutting their hearts with a knife.But happiness is generally similar, but unfortunately has its own misfortune.Forced by life, they had to go astray.But now, the Zi an Group has given them a chance to return to the prodigal son, so that they can follow their hearts and do what they want to do.Not only can they create their own creations, but they can also be truly appreciated by others.Some people want to destroy such a dream opportunity.

I thought about this matter for several days and nights, but I still couldn t solve it.I hired an experienced person with a high salary.Bring the rich man here, and follow him to study hard At least, don t hold back.Hold back.Tired.These words hit Qudodol s heart like a hammer, and his heart was full of pain.She has been following Master Lu s live broadcast room with dozens of people until now.She has paid so much and experienced so much to get such an evaluation in the end Qu Indol suddenly stood up, turned his head and ran out without saying a word.

Feng Rui calmly outlined the lines without raising his head.Lu Jianwei glanced at Fengrui, then looked at his own son, his eyes widened, wishing he could go up and poke his finger.However, Lu Zian was unaware of the changes in the outside world.His swordsmanship was round and smooth, and the rustling sawdust revealed the natural yellowness and warmth of boxwood.There was silence all around, and the aroma of boxwood was very light in the air, wafting lightly.Elegant but not gaudy, it is a taste that can be completely described by fragrance, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.

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I took a closer look at my merit value, um, very good, it has risen to 1,000, and it can be exchanged for another 9,000 Then, he has to think about how to increase the merit value Ying Xuan s puppet has been made all night, and only a rough one came out.Lu Zian looked at it and there was no problem, so he asked him to continue tomorrow.Then do it.Early the next morning, Lu Zian took Ying Xuan to the museum.The Nanqi Museum is imitating the palace style of the Liao Dynasty, with a pattern of one courtyard and six halls , namely the History Hall, the Special Exhibition Hall, the Digital Hall, the Art Hall, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall, and the Republic of China Hall.

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You can t interview anything, and the drawings can t be leaked.It won t work if you make it.That s true.Feng Xiaoxun still listened to his words very much, and nodded immediately I mainly think, Qinglu feels a lot of pressure right now, Fu Lan , we all know that it is very good, but it is the praise and criticism of the construction industry.No, before the completion of the project, Qingyu will probably have to bear a lot of pressure.Pressure is the driving force, I believe he can hold on.

They just waved their hands with a smile We have to move the drum down quickly, we have already changed our clothes Lu Zian said this Only to find that they seem to be dressed up today.The four youths, all wearing sackcloth bunts, each wearing a red sweat towel, does cbd oil or gummies work better smiled beamingly.He was already confused by Ye Lao, and he couldn t help but ask Is there any happy event in the village The Liqiu Festival is being held Liqiu Festival Lu Zian suddenly realized, yes, it s the beginning of autumn He quickly put the drumsticks aside and helped them move the drums out with the drum stand.

Shen Mange couldn t help but look forward to the authentic Sister Beibei must be super beautiful today, Brother Zi an, do you think she will wear a Chinese wedding dress or a wedding dress directly Then how do I know.Lu Zian received her dissatisfied gaze, Not daring to be perfunctory, he said casually Maybe it s Chinese style Shen Mange thought for a while, then nodded seriously I think so too Sister Beibei has a super temperament, and Feng Guanxia must be super beautiful , she received a call from Qu Dodol, and she panted and said, Manman, have you been to the hotel If you haven t, can you come and pick me up Hey Let go What happened Shen Mange just asked In one sentence, Dodol hung up the phone, and she looked at Lu Zian blankly Hang up, Brother Zian, let s go pick Dodol first Well, okay.

The more I look, the more I feel that way.He couldn t help but feel a little ticklish, thinking How about trying to carve it into a Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts cat Getting up and walking to the cabinet, Lu Zian opened the system interface.Binder Lu Zian.Age 26.Craftsmanship wood carving master level, skilled bamboo carving intermediate level, skilled calligraphy intermediate level, skilled skill points 50.Teaching Points 24.Faith Points 11.Merit value 1620 Only fifty skill points The merit value is also so low Lu Zian couldn t believe his eyes a little, he had already reached 100,000 casually in the past half a day After long pressing, the skill point details come out Palace Lantern Repair Level 1, 10 skill points will be rewarded.

He has solved too many problems and created too many impossibles.Any failure may lead to the collapse of faith.Seeing the deep worry in Ying Xuan s eyes, Lu Zian was stunned, lowered his eyes for a moment, and smiled.I m very pleased that you can think of this level.Lu Zian what strength does cbd come in in gummies tapped his finger on the table top and raised his chin, Sit.As if lead was poured into his feet, Ying Xuan felt very difficult every step he took.After he sat down across from him, he felt extremely heavy.Looking up and seeing Lu Zian s indifferent expression, Ying Xuan suddenly felt a little sad in his heart Master, are you sure Are you sure Lu Zian himself didn t know.

After he wrapped the thread, he saw the barrage and said with a smile, This is while fixing the distance between the batches.It is also preparing for the umbrella behind.After the thread is wrapped, the basic prototype of an umbrella has been completed.Lu Zian installed the jumper, because he didn t need to consider the load bearing and rain protection, so many steps were omitted.He pushed and pushed, and the umbrella stand was able to hold the switch.He raised his eyebrows and played with it Okay, then I ll cut the paper and fuse the umbrella.

The barrage was silent for a second, and then 666 frantically swiped the screen.When Lu Zian went out, his mother was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and the coffee was lying on top of her.He didn t lift his eyelids when he heard the sound.He believed it now, and he really didn t need to worry about it damaging his woodcarving because it didn t bother to move.Bai Zihang said that it was trained.Could it be that their training was to teach it how to be lazy It s done Let s eat then.

Shen Mansing said with a slender finger, gently picking up bamboo strips and interspersing them one by one, although it was not as good as Sister Xu s.speed, but there are also similarities.Hey, the little girl is very spiritual.Sister Xu looked at her in surprise I haven t learned it before Shen Mange smiled a little embarrassedly I haven t learned it, but my mother is a fashion designer.You taught me how to knit a scarf with wool without needles.Sister Xu nodded clearly Yes, it s similar to that, come, add two more in, this way, hey, yes.

The family members are very strong, not a single one cried, and another couldn t help laughing at the thought of this scene.And then a large brush a bow two bow three bow.Lu Zian didn t notice anything, he lowered his head and was busy, Shen Mange took a deep breath, and then took a deep breath.Be calm, calm, and don t kill him, this is her son, Ang, who is very kind to her She picked up her things silently and walked out, but Qu Doduo was afraid of an accident, so she hurriedly chased after her.

Because of this man, he knew.Guqin master, Mr.Guan.Associate researcher of Huaxia Institute of National Music, specializing in the research and arrangement of Guqin, and has achieved outstanding results.The person in charge of the vocal group quickly explained, Mr.Guan was specially invited by me to guide our work I just heard that Lu Zian made a jade qin, so Mr.Guan came along to have a look, but he didn t expect that he would actually make such a request.The person in charge couldn t help but feel apprehensive, Master Lu must not be angry, he can t afford to cbd gummies pigeon forge offend both sides.

Can Yuzheng do this too Mr.Qiu felt his breathing quickened, and stared at the grooves with piercing eyes, making up for their final product.Just when Lu Zian was serious, the phone rang suddenly.He had already set not to answer incoming calls, and strangers would never find him, so Lu Zian glanced at him.Bai Shuhang He put down the carving knife and picked it up with some doubts Hello Master Lu Bai Shuhang was very excited and said excitedly Congratulations on your successful application for the World Heritage List Are you still in Hangzhou Yes.

This sentence is very arrogant.But if it was said by the unparalleled son, it would clearly show his confidence.Zhuo Peng has recruited a group of people to deal with the matters of the Zi an Group in different categories.After receiving this news, he acted quickly and arranged three people to be responsible for this work.Even Sister Xu, the president of Donglin City Bamboo Weaving Club, also called.In fact, she had thought about it before, but Lu Zian has only been absorbing talents in Changyan City, and he has also promoted the skills of Fu an Province, so it is difficult for her to ask directly.

Feng Rui stared at him for two seconds, then lowered his eyes and hummed Let s start.Lu Zian lightly stroked the wood with his fingertips.The wood was handled very well.According to its own unique natural shape and grain direction, He decided to carve it into a Guanyin.Chapter 15 Color head boxwood carvings are mainly used for artistic appreciation, so the carvings are very particular.Wow, boxwood I m looking forward to it, I don t know what the master will carve Chiseling rough billets is a technical job, and Lu Zian is still the old rule, just pick iris cbd gummies for sale up a flat knife and do it.

Some people come and some people leave.In and out, orderly.Lu Zian seemed to be watching the boss make a sculpture, but also seemed to be watching something else.His eyes penetrated the crowd and saw the bustling long street.Even if he was standing on this street at this time, he still couldn t believe it.The picture that used to be only vague and vaguely conceived in my mind has actually come true.Because it is only a small object, after careful polishing, the boss finally sighed Okay.

She suddenly remembered, In those sleepless nights, under the starlight, Lu Zian worked tirelessly and wept for each piece of work.No matter where he was, there was always a bright moon in his heart.That was something that the outside world could not take away, he said.Inner firmness and tranquility.Facing all kinds of questions from reporters, Lu Zian paused slightly before stepping down, and the corners of his lips curved slightly Master is not just for looking up, we should approach and study with respect.

Master, you have become an internet celebrity All kinds of reports are flying all over the sky Don t you want to express it Yes, yes, it s good to sing a song In fact, with Lu Zian s current status, very few people would make such jokes with him anymore.That is to say, netizens can chat with him easily and comfortably, like Uncle Song and Li.Even these elders are very respectful in front of Lu Zian.Although Lu Zian has not changed on the surface, he is still a little uncomfortable.

Huh It s a good thing.Lu Zian said strangely What s wrong That s I m going to leave tomorrow morning, and I won t be back in a few days Shen Mange hesitated You re going to Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts leave tomorrow.programme Lu Zian s tools have always been kept by Shen Mange, because the carpenter s toolbox is very important, Lu Zian usually doesn t touch it, and the platform is mixed, so he naturally has to be careful, after all, these are all tools exchanged by the system.I was worried about this, Lu Zian couldn t help laughing, and reached out and patted her on the head lightly Don t worry, I ll let Ying Xuan show me the toolbox tomorrow, this is the job that the apprentice should do.

Her eyes seemed to glow when she ate it I want to eat fish balls Come on, brother, please eat it Uncle also invites you to eat Those who brush fish balls on the screen are all asking to see the girl s face.Lu Zian coughed Okay, today s live broadcast is here for the time being.I ll go to eat first.Everyone, let s go eat too, bye.There happened to be a hot pot on this street, and Shen Mange was full of expectations.big pile.As soon as he moved his chopsticks, he frowned Hey, these chili peppers are not spicy Lu Zian put all kinds of balls into the pot first Then you can go over there and make your own, I ll make medium spicy for you.

The boss didn t come over, he was talking to the boy standing in front of the counter in a low voice the things you sent can t be sold, you come to ask every day if it s useful, I ll tell you if it sells How can there be wood, I am selling finished products, I don t have wood, money, money, no money if I don t sell it The boy murmured But without wood, I can t continue to carve.Now It s a good thing not to carve, it s not that your uncle said you, you are young, it s not better to find a job on the street than to be a carpenter Look at the grandson of the Zhuo family, his grandfather is still a master, no no Going this line, what do you think, when someone becomes a big boss, that s called scenery The boss reprimanded while playing with his mobile phone, and suddenly noticed that someone was coming and quickly put away his mobile phone and stood up.

The beauty of any angle, seemingly gentle, but actually domineering, completely attracts everyone s attention.It is beautiful from every angle, no matter how you take it, it is beautiful And each direction has its own beauty, color changes, mysterious and unpredictable, simple cbd gummies reviews and every angle looks like a new painting.If it was said before, Shiragi Yuki was still a little unconvinced, but looking at this vase at this time, he lost all his strength.An unprecedented and strong feeling gripped his heart tightly If this craft can be born in the puppet country His breathing paused for a few seconds cbd gummies atlanta before condensing Take it and reborn Qibao Let s compare it.

Huh So simple Although the four of them were appointed by their teachers, they really didn t expect Lu Zian to agree, and they didn t pack their luggage carefully Why, don t you want to learn Lu Zian looked at them with a light smile.No, no The four quickly shook their heads, thanking them in various ways.Qian Tian said hesitantly, That s right we don t have an entry permit for the Expo Center Oh, it doesn t matter.Lu Zian looked at them very gently, and said kindly, You don t need to go in, it just so happens that my apprentices are coming tomorrow, and I will teach together at that time, starting at two o clock in the afternoon tomorrow, until It s good for you to study together, and it s in the conference Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts room on the eighteenth floor of the Xingkai Hotel, and I booked it for a month.

Wenkang walked over to him and sat down, stared at the wood carving a few times, and said with sincere admiration The artistic conception of this wood carving is really good, and the carving work is also very good Facing his compliments, Feng Wuxi just smiled indifferently and did not answer.That Wenkang glanced at the closed door, and hesitated for a while before saying Wuxi, do you know why the major teacher helped us how long does cbd take to work gummies Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts Because he is kind.Feng Wuxi looked innocent.look at him.

Lu Zi an paused for a while before rubbing her head Silly words.After confirming that Shen Mange had recovered, Lu Zi an finally had time to focus on carving.Because of that video, many reporters wanted to interview him in the past two days, and several programs wanted to invite him to do a show, but he refused.Now he only wants to make works that satisfy him.The Dunhuang cbd gummies 1200mg exhibition will be held next month.What kind of works should he make to achieve his goal The organizer sent a piece of high quality huanghuali.

It won t be that simple.Since Master Jie Xu has left, it means that he thinks this matter has been resolved.So what would it be Could it be that the mystery lies in this box Lu Zian closed the jade box, opened it again, and studied it carefully.The red sandalwood, the red primer has gradually darkened over time, becoming a dark dark red.Simple to make, without any other mechanisms, the switch even got a little loose after being used too many times.No matter how you look at it, this is an ordinary, too simple can you drive after taking cbd gummies 397 cbd hemp gummy bears cbd gummies digestion can i take my cbd gummies to a plane cbd gummies or oil reddit cbd gummies in store near me is rachael ray selling cbd gummies how to make cbd gummy candy 398 Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts how long does cbd gummie take to work Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts how much cbd gummies to take for osteoporosis sera cbd gummies scam are cbd gummies legal mn cbd cbn gummies Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts 399 purekana 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does cbd gummies help with period cramps how long for cbd gummies can you od on cbd gummies cbd gummys Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts far and away cbd gummies best cbd gummies for stress and sleep cbd gummies vs vape for pain relief MV AV wyld cbd gummies for sleep WTF So beautiful Facebook OH NO cbd gummies legal for children Facebook 50 Facebook 404 be tr cbd gummies Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts cbd gummies feel great relax now reviews on pure cbd gummies 405 goldline cbd gummy bears from vape gods how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies nightmares chill gummies cbd per gummy 406 where to buy dr oz cbd gummies sanjay gupta cbd gummies Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts sanjay gupta cbd gummies Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts lush cbd gummies is it safe to take cbd gummies cbd gummies dogs hempzilla cbd gummies dosage 2022 Gummy Cbd Supplement FactsPusat Informasi Pejabat Pengelola 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After clinking a glass with him, Lu Zian said hesitantly You Oh, allow me to introduce myself.The man quickly put down the wine glass, took out a business card and handed it over I am the successor of the Jiading School of Bamboo Carving, Gao Xin.Happy The name is interesting.But what s even more interesting is that he turned out to be a descendant of the Jiading faction Lu Zian got up and took the business card with both hands Thank you.Hey, Master Lu has been famous for a long time, and seeing it today is indeed a well deserved reputation.

If Lu Jianwei didn t have a proud smile on his face, these words would be more credible At the same time, Lu Zian was also surging.This time the interview is completely different from the last time, because it was arranged on a temporary basis, so there are no guests.It was directly interviewed by Yi Zimo, the famous host of Fulan Satellite TV.Yi Zimo is a mature and stable middle aged man.He shook hands with Lu Zian and said with a smile, Mr.Lu, before the interview starts, I have a gift for you.

Before this painting came out, people at that time were still stuck in the simple and elegant style of ink and wash.He painted the rivers and mountains of the Northern Song Dynasty in the form of long scrolls.91 meters, magnificent and brilliant.Director Lou frowned slightly, and said with some embarrassment Actually, our murals are alsoAccording to the investigation, there are many places of blue, and the ancients used lapis lazuli to draw The color is green ape cbd gummies for tinnitus still bright, but after time, Slightly darker than the primary color, but brighter than ordinary pigments.

When the camera was aimed at the jade and tools on the table, the live broadcast room suddenly became lively.yeah What s this Is the master going to change careers This jade looks ordinary, if the master wants to do it, it s better to choose a better one Lu Zian smiled and played with the piece of jade There is no good or bad jade the one that suits is the best.Master, do you really want to change careers You don t do woodcarving I do.Lu Zian sat down at the table with a smile I just want to play with jade carvings, mainly wood carvings.

Ying Xuan said directly So, you have betrayed your teacher You know, he knew, they were Ji Yan s two most proud apprentices, and it was absolutely impossible for him to drive them out.Gu Jie and Gong Jing looked at each other and nodded silently.Then wait a moment.Ying Xuan got up.He went to the study and talked to Lu Zian like this, Lu Zian frowned slightly Did they say that Well.Ying Xuan asked curiously, Master, do you want me to call them in Lu Zi an thought for a while, then shook his head You let them go back, I don t see you.

In this psychological battle, Lu Zian won completely.Even if he finally announces that he doesn t know what to call lacquerware, there s still plenty of time left for him, while others are struggling.It s impossible to give up the previous redo, but if you don t give up, the flaws left by today will be infinitely magnified in the final discussion.Yuki Shiragi thought for a while, and patted the table lightly But there is no need for us to worry so much now, have you forgotten This is the preliminary round The preliminary round.

Looking up at him, Shen Mange said seriously and slowly I ll marry you when you come back.Chapter 693 These words were really heartwarming and emotional, Lu Zian raised his breath softly, touched her head, said nothing, turned and left.Ying Xuan and the others also waved to the people seeing them off, and walked in with Lu Zian.It wasn t until 2022 Gummy Cbd Supplement FactsPusat Informasi Pejabat Pengelola Informasi Dan Dokumntasi (PPID) he saw their backs disappearing from sight that Dad Lu coughed and said in a stern voice Okay, let s go back.Alas It s hard to have so much time Lu s mother was still reluctantly talking Okay.

And he, Lu Zian, is naturally the first to bear the brunt.Luo Zheng knows many masters in the streets and alleys of Suzhou, and often sends him some information in the industry.For example, Lu Zian s Reincarnation is now secretly selling fakes in some small alleys in Suzhou.Skills are naturally substandard, completely incomparable with his.But it doesn t prevent them from raising prices, why Because he doesn t sell it.Some of them are big spenders who buy them back to fill the facade, and the prices are extremely high.

Okay.Every time you fancy a mine, send a piece of it.Come and show me the ore, buy it when you re sure, don t hesitate.Lu Zian had a rare solemn expression.Zhuo Peng responded very seriously Okay, no problem.Well, I can rest assured that you will do things.If he didn t trust him, he wouldn t give him such a big thing.In fact, it stands to reason that he should go there in person, after all, this is not a small amount.But the summit dragged him temporarily and couldn t get away, so Lu Zian could only deal with it in this way.

By the time the last person voted, the paper balls in the box on the left overflowed.Mr.Lin was very satisfied with the result.Mr.Su did not express his views from beginning to end, and even looked at him as if he was in favor of delaying the project, but he was actually very happy with the result.Okay, now the result is out, and everyone has seen it.Most people agree to start work immediately.The minority obeys the majority.We have decided to start the construction immediately tomorrow.

Have you committed a neuropathy again Qu Dodol said he couldn t understand, and took the notebook directly.Zou Kai is really unreliable, forget it, she should do it herself When they moved to the old house and settled down, it was dark.Everyone else overslept.After all, they were really tired after tossing all night But Lu Zian still got up on time.After the biological clock has formed a rhythm, it is already a natural habit.At this time, you wake up, and then you can t fall asleep.

The final shape is that the black dragon has its feet half closed, slightly bent, its wings spread out, with a powerful arc, ready to go.Suddenly I feel that the figure is also quite good.Yeah, I never thought that wood can be carved into figures.I think it still depends on who made it.Even if the master carves a piece of shit, I am afraid it will look good. You are too heavy on taste This is a barrage with flavor vomit While everyone was laughing and laughing, Lu Zian had already carved kold cbd gummies out the entire dragon.

As soon as the live broadcast started, all of them called her Koi Fairy.Do these people still remember that she is a game anchor Is it because she, Shen Mange, can t hold a knife, or is it because of her self cultivation these few days that they misunderstand that she is a Buddhist girl With such emotions, Shen Mange rolled up his sleeves and killed dozens of people without blinking after logging into the game.He was satisfied to see that the topic of discussion was smoothly reversed.

Lifting his head and drinking some water, Lu Zian narrowed his eyes slightly.In the distance, you can see the cascading mountains, the turbulent clouds, and the scattered residential buildings at the foot of the mountain.Lu Zian felt his whole body relaxed.Compared with the hustle and bustle of the city, he preferred this kind of comfort.Being in a quiet mountain forest can calm down your mind and allow your mind to stay and think more.After a short rest, Lu Zian set off again and finally arrived at the village before dark.

The one on the right is too smooth, and there is no such carving marks.It looks good, but there is no aura.Good eyesight.Boss Tang applauded him But you can tell because you are an expert.If you show it to a layman, which one do you think he will buy shuttle.As far as the picture is concerned, of course, the one without knife marks is more beautiful He will definitely buy this machine to carve it.Boss Tang waved his hand This is all the hard work of my masters, juniors and cbd gummies to sleep Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts brothers, and some even require one of them.

That s why 2022 Gummy Cbd Supplement FactsPusat Informasi Pejabat Pengelola Informasi Dan Dokumntasi (PPID) Zhang Lao s diabolo is doing well.Mr.Zhang looked at him with a smile Hey, I like a young man like you who can tell the truth He laughed and nodded, touching his beard They like me to throw the diabolo high and catch it.I was stunned, hey, there were still a lot of them sold at that time, and some black people were still learning from me Shen Mange was quite surprised Do you teach Teach.Whoever learns from me, I teach them all.Those who have learned crafts from me, not to mention three or four hundred, there are two or three hundred, but now there are only six.

The first is the wings, and then the fine lines on the wings.As the carving gradually increases, the wings gradually become thinner and more transparent.The most amazing thing is that when Lu Zian used a triangular chisel to gently cut it off, the two extra wooden thorns became slightly bent under his repair.Looking closely, they were like the tentacles of a butterfly.The whole butterfly is lifelike and breathtaking.After doing the same repairs in other places, Lu Zian only had a small half of the wood left.

He pursed slightly, his brows and eyes were solemn, and he concentrated on carving, as cbd gummy side effects Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts if the wood in front of him was his lover.The picture was quickly reposted as a screenshot.Lick the screen ah ah ah My man god ah ah ah Really handsome Actually, the master looks average, I am much more handsome than him, I have a new haircut, and the rate of turning heads on the road is even higher Bah, I think you have finally gotten used to your appearance, trimmed your hair, and changed your ugly way Big brother, are you addicted to me Come, come, why don t we make an appointment to study the night light script.

I was thinking that it can t be left like this It can only be left like this.Lu Zi An pulled the corners of his lips, took out the car key to unlock After tonight, this thing will not happen.He was very clear about the situation at that time But now things have changed, and this change will naturally not come from the TV station, but the order has changed.His first priority was to make sure that his stuff was still there.Since this happened so suddenly, they shouldn t have time to react, so the door should still be there.

Who said that Lu Zian has no background No background is the greatest background All bulls, ghosts, snakes and gods, when they want to pinch his soft persimmon in the future, have to weigh their own weight.In the blink of an eye, Lu Zian had calmed down, cleared his throat, shook hands with her, and said with warm eyebrows, This is what I should do as a Chinese son.Born and raised in Sri Lanka.He sanjay gupta cbd gummies Gummy Cbd Supplement Facts loves these amazingly beautiful crafts and loves his country even more.After the interview, Cai reporter Yan Xiaoyan said, I have a hunch that today s index will probably set a record.

Her brows were not drawn, her lips were dark and red, her complexion was as fair and smooth as nephrite, and she couldn t see a single blemish.Qu Dodo was envious It was obvious that I had tossed around like this, how come the effect is not half as good as yours.Natural beauty is hard to give up, hahahaha.Shen Mange laughed.Looking at her small appearance, Qu Dodo couldn t help tickling her Do your best, and you will know my benefits tomorrow The two of them laughed and laughed for a long time before they finally fell asleep.

What if there was a huge wooden sculpture in this place Carved into a story, it has connotation and depth, and it can be withdrawn after it is used up.He looked at the size, and his first thought was Well, the gloomy wood that Wu Yu photographed can come in handy.Once he had this idea, he started to conceive and try to bring it to life.But the last time he fainted was because of lack of rest, so he still paid great attention to the combination of work and rest.For example, he is busy with these things during the day, and at night, he still has to live broadcast.

The reporters instantly came to their senses and their eyes were bright.stared at him.I have taken the photos of that building to the company s designers for analysis.Looking at the shape and structure, it does have similarities with Moon Soul.Zhuo Peng talked eloquently, with a calm and confident expression But in the end it is only a few We are not sure about the blurry photos of Zhang, and for now, it is just speculation.Mr.Zhuo, this is a great thing for Zian Group, why don t you admit it A reporter asked a question on the spot.

It was the first time I saw it, and it turned out that the master had such a happy time.This kind of relationship is really enviable I don t know when he At first, Shen Mange thought Lu Zian was playing with her, and let him hug her for a while, but Lu Zian didn t let her down later.She finally realized with hindsight, remembered to be shy, buried her face in his arms, and refused to show it.There s no one else at this time.Lu Zian carried her all the way downstairs before putting her down.

Zhuo Peng frowned suspiciously, and said in a low voice, Strange, how come I can only see a heart shape when looking at me But there are some differences.Brother An Don t be rude, tell me now It s so fun Zou Kai was also quite excited, and he lost sleepiness.Lu Zian couldn t help laughing This, in fact, what you said is right Speaking of this, he had a rare trace of embarrassment This symbol originated from the wandering mathematician Descartes Rene Descartes before his death.

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