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I have always felt that cbd gummies dosage Cape Coral Cbd Gummies Master Lu, your thoughts and my father s have reached a high degree of cbd gummies get you high overlap in some respects.Although Jinyincuo was resurrected in the hands of my father, he once said that he was just getting started.The artistic prospect of Jinyincuo is infinite and will definitely shine.Master Lu, there are many talents in jade carving, art is never ending, it is a matter of time to be surpassed, please don t carry the burden of thinking He rambled and repeated what happened today, without a single word of grief between the lines, only full of heart joy.

The eyes of many people next to them lit up, and they couldn t help but follow them.Wenjia s showcases are relatively biased, but because the exhibits are really beautiful, a lot of audiences are gathered to appreciate them.In the front is a one meter two wide dragon and phoenix wall hanging, which is exquisite in carving, simple in shape and elegant in appearance.Chapter 102 The Gap Wall Hanging has the unique natural and elegant fragrance of camphor wood, and the air is filled with a refreshing and pleasant smell, which makes people breathe comfortably and cbd liquid gold gummies calm down.

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Looking at her, dumbfounded.Shen Mange talked eloquently, with high spirits Duizhu s works and craftsmanship began to spread around 1192 AD in the Kamakura period.puppet country.Later, while the craftsmen of the Puppet country accepted and inherited cbd gummies and kidney function the techniques of Duizhu, the craftsmen of the Puppet country used the same craftsmanship to obtain similar but different effects on the metal materials due to the beauty of the changes in the layers of the Duizhu works, known as wood grain.

Although the color of the flowers is slightly lighter than that of the ring, because of the light half tone, it does not rob the dragon and the phoenix at all, but feels more elegant.Lu Zian slowly and methodically blew off the lint, his finger pressed the back of the knife and slowly downward, the carving knife cut into the leaves and the peony, the cutting surface was smooth and flat, and the knife surface was slightly inclined, perfectly cutting the green leaves and the peony along the arc of the ring.

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Some people even thought secretly that if Lu Zian wanted to show off the limelight, he would let him show up, and when they were all done, it would be funny if he was still chiseling rough bills by himself The younger disciple who moved the huanghuali before hesitated for a long time, blushed and sent the huanghuali back, and secretly brought the assistant to exchange the wood again.After the crowd dispersed, Mr.Zhuo smiled kindly at Lu Zian and patted him on the shoulder Work hard, I believe in you.

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They are all masters.They are all used to making exquisite objects with superb skills, and selling one piece is enough to eat and Cape Coral Cbd Gummies drink for many years.No one thinks about the meaning behind it.The woodcarving has not declined, and they have not thought deeply about what way to find a way out.And for woodcarving, they never thought of other techniques.Innovation It was superfluous to them.However, reality was like a loud slap in the face, waking them up from their dreams.Are wood carvings really only bulky and ancient A delicate and meticulous stained window like Lu Zian, even if it is placed in a simple style room, is not abrupt at all, and it will not be out of date Why haven t they thought about it this way before They recalled carefully that since his debut, Lu Zian has never done a repeated thing.

Changed to the word for spring, it is called Qixing Longquan, referred to as Longquan Sword this is the origin of Longquan Sword.Although this allusion is not hidden, but it is so well known now that it is rare to mention it in a straightforward manner.Everyone present looked at Ying Xuan with some approval, and sighed silently No wonder he is the eldest disciple, he is really knowledgeable.Everyone talked about the ancient swords they liked, some said they liked Gan Jiang, some liked Mo Xie, and some liked Xuanyuan Xia Yu.

Lu Zian couldn t help laughing What happened today Are you Do you want to borrow a step too cbd gummies make me anxious No, I don t need to borrow a step to talk haha.Wu Yu turned on the phone and handed it over Look at this first.Lu Zian took it over with some doubts, and a huge block appeared on the screen of the phone.of gloomy wood.No, it s not just gloomy wood.Lu Zian observed carefully, Wu Yu leaned over and continued I went to Xiaoqi Township this time, where there was a huge flood this year, and a gloomy tree rushed out.

At that time, there was an antique that my grandfather couldn t match.He said that he bought it, and he never hesitated.Zhuo Peng said that these collections are all shining I heard that his private collection may be better than some museums.It is also richer to be favored by him, Ang, we will all have smooth sailing in the future, and there will be no obstacles like Master Li.At the same time, the news quickly spread in the industry.There are many people sitting in the Li family at this time, chatting happily.

The Picture of the Lotus Crane Lu Zian pondered I once read it in a book, and the Picture of the Lotus and Crane seems to be the first work of Hunan embroidery Zhang Fengniang s eyes fell on this embroidery, and her expression was quite moving Yes, it is an important milestone in the development history of Hunan embroidery, and it has made special contributions to the successful entry of Hunan embroidery into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists.The status of Lotus and Crane in the history of Hunan embroidery can be evaluated by one embroidery is the first, poetry, painting and calligraphy embroidery and seal one dream of hibiscus flourishing, Hunan embroidery is famous in the world.

There seemed to be a shocking picture in front of everyone on the spacious driveway, the flags were hunting, and the long carriages and horses were solemn and solemn.The people walked neatly, with a calm demeanor, surrounded by a train of trains, standing cars, single wheeled and two wheeled, with a round copper umbrella on the car, under the umbrella stood an imperial officer, driving the car with both hands, and driving four horses in front.There is also an Anche, which is also a single wheeled two wheeled vehicle.

Bai Zihang didn t answer right away, his whole body was as nervous as a stone, and his heart was very confused.It was his idea to come cbd quit smoking gummies canada here to sell wood carvings.His family didn t know about it yet.Master Lu must have come to LJ City to participate in the Winter Expo Bai Shuhang observed his words and knew that he was clueless, and couldn t help sighing Oh, I knew we wouldn t be here for a few days, we ll come back after the Winter Expo is over.Alright Bai Zihang tightened the bag until his knuckles turned white Let s go, go with Master Lu No matter what happens, the most important thing now is to let Lu Zian hide it for them Although every step he took, his footsteps sank as if filled with lead, but he insisted on walking forward, award winning cbd gummies done right and when he finally got into the car, his back was covered in cold sweat.

Zou Kai looked at her in surprise Huh Why are you on the phone I was on the phone originally.Shen Mange stared at Cape Coral Cbd Gummies him with disgust, Then what do you think I m doing After some discussion, I realized how much misunderstanding had occurred.It turned out to be receiving a video It turned out to be discussing an ancient skill Shen Mange disliked it even more Hey, Zou Kai, give me a tribute The ancient skills they found, everyone couldn t stay still, and rushed upstairs.Leaving Zou Kai stunned and holding Erkang s hand You guys come back to me But there was no one who responded to him.

At the reception to celebrate the success of the opening to traffic, many colleagues who had fought side by side couldn t help but come over to make a toast.After drinking a lot, Lu Zian was also a little dizzy, so he simply made an excuse and went outside to avoid it.Come this way.Shen Mange hugged him and slowly left the noisy crowd.The restaurant where they are located is very high rise and has a very good view.This fan shaped floor to ceiling window just faces the Zhuhai Hong Kong Macao Bridge.

With a raised hand, a flick of the sleeve, every movement is precise and elegant.I ll think about whether to paint later, it s not make your own cbd gummies thc free too early, goodbye everyone.After exiting the live broadcast, he opened the system interface.The merit value has risen a lot again, he thought about it, and exchanged a few special carving knives for nuclear carving.Although what his father gave was also very good, it was still not as good as the system.After all, the system was the most labor saving.

Lawyer Zhang quickly answered the phone, and his words were succinct and horrified Shen Mange s situation, I made a written explanation to prove the fact that she was abandoned and adopted by the Shen family.According to the provisions of Article 26 of the Marriage Law According to Article 23 of the Adoption Law, the relationship of rights and obligations between Shen Mange tranquil leaf cbd gummies cost and his biological parents and other close relatives has been eliminated due to the establishment of the adoption relationship.

Lu Zian was shocked.He stopped several times but didn t stop, and said with a strange expression No, what kind of secret technique is this It s glue, just added glue No The young man raised his head and murmured I read the news, didn t you sell all your glue and patents to Dunhuang Chapter 619 Confidentiality Agreement glue patent That is to say, even if you want to learn, you won t make such a big noise.It turns out that the problem lies here.If it really had something to do with patents, he wouldn t teach him even if he was a teacher, Lu Zian.

Really Shen Mange patted him off Holding hands, he laughed and said, I made it for you according to your temperament Because Lu Zian has short hair, she didn t make too wide sleeves.Low key and gorgeous black silk, embroidered with dark green bamboo leaves.Qing Ya has a three pointed aura, and when dr oz gummies cbd the belt is tightened, his legs are 1.8 meters long.In particular, Lu Zian often exercises, and the real clothes are thin and fleshy when they are undressed, which is the most suitable for this style of clothes.

They went to Xinjiang and came to drift the Gobi.Mulberry paper in Mengmen Town, Liulin, Shanxi, sheepskin raft in Longwan Village, Jingtai, Gansu, oil paper umbrella of Dai ethnicity in Mengzhe Town, Menghai County, Yunnan The pictures are very compactly cut, and the plot is basically gone, and there is a very rushed feeling.However, this does not hinder their viewing.Especially when looking at Kanwen, the old man who made oil paper umbrellas, sitting against the wall, not speaking, and staring at the work in his hands, Lu Zian couldn t help but let out a knowing smile.

According to the peculiar texture that appeared after the piercing, he chiseled according to the shape of the tree, and after a while, it formed A steep cliff.With this cliff, the steepness of the mountain is even more highlighted.The whole work seems to have been raised to a horizontal plane in an instant, fully showing the inherent structural beauty of the wooden blocks.The feeling of a high mountain.This technique used by Lu Zian is the most wonderful Bi carving technique in boxwood root carving.

The troublesome problem now is that we can t get in at all.It s easy to say.Shengliang raised the phone in his hand I have been following the changes of personnel in all parties, and there is one person, and he also came to China.Hearing that there is a door, Yuki Shiragi suddenly raised his head Who Shengliang smiled mysteriously, lowered his voice and said, Dannythey can fight cattle across the mountain, and we can learnwhat did Huaxia say This Dannywas playing together with Lu Zian They were together, but in the end, Lu Zian gained both fame and fortune, but Ying Nation did not get anything good.

Shiroki Yuki generally doesn t care much about this kind of person.History can no longer be changed.In business and business, everyone takes what they need, and there is no contempt or contempt.On the contrary, it was Lu Zian, who didn t seem to have any problems on the surface, and even his attitude was mild, but he was the most worthy of their attention when he turned his face and dig a hole.Is there nothing else unusual Shiroki Yuki frowned, a little disbelieving For example, envy, jealousy or something On this point, Shengliang was firm No, not at all.

Listening to the movement, I knew that the box was very heavy.Lu Zian brought up a few pieces of materials, took a carving knife for preliminary processing, and said slowly Before making, I would like to introduce to you the twenty four solar terms in our country.It is recorded in Zhou Li The south is short and hot, the north is long and cold, the east is windy, and the west is cloudy.This is the initial outline of our twenty four solar terms.The twenty four solar terms The crowd fell into contemplation.

Before the three of them could move, the door was suddenly opened, and Zou Kai hurriedly ran.When he came in, his face was full of sweat Fuck, get out of the way, let me hide You dare to come back Going to stop him Stop, I m going to shoot you to death Damn it.With a wolf in front and a tiger in the back, Zou Kai was forced to brake suddenly, out of breath.After weighing it again and again, he could only say with a bitter face Indole, Lord Indole, I was wrong Really, you don t care about the villain, you helped me this time, I will definitely Akai A laughing male voice came from behind.

When he was carving, his eyes suddenly lit up Yes, the stick headed puppet The traditional culture of Changyan City includes Hunan Opera, Huagu Opera, Hunan Embroidery, Paper cutting and Hunan Cuisine, etc., but these are not suitable for wood carving, but the branch puppets in Huagu Opera can It is similar to the wood carving of the flying fairy, but if you add some other elements, it must be more interesting That is, ordinary wood is relatively heavy and not light enough.Nowadays, many puppets use paper tires.

They are each other s weakness and armor.When Bei Qing looked at the stage again, the swaying women seemed to have a different feeling at this time.They seem to be the incarnations of Shen Mange, with three points of courage and seven points of pride, they are declaring to the world Lu 50 mg cbd gummy bears Zian is very good, but she is not bad for Shen Mange Their souls are so compatible that Bei Qing felt that the dog food was a bit of a stretch.At the end of the show, someone bent down and walked in and shook hands petsmart cbd gummies with Lu Zian Master Lu, the summit will start tomorrow.

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A seemingly simple tea set, although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs.You don t even need to distinguish carefully, just by looking at this solid glazing technique, you can see that this is the latest Ru porcelain from Baigongmen.When someone called to ask, Ying Xuan Luoluo admitted it generously We made it.We have burned a lot of kilns, and the best quality and closest quality souvenirs were selected, and one of them was handmade by my master.Made it.Master Lu made it himself When the news came out, many people went crazy.

She put on headphones and couldn t help but curiously said What are you listening to, you are so absorbed.Hey, you re up.Shen Mange took off one of the headphones and put it in his ear eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews Listen to it, doesn t it sound good .There was a light female voice in the ear, the voice was dangers of cbd gummies very clean, singing in a low voice, warm and clear.The fragrance of hibiscus is fragrant in the blink of an eye when the menstrual period is gone, do you know if it is difficult to be alone in red makeup Lu Zian nodded The voice is very nice, and the tune is very beautiful, it s new You didn t hear it.

His master studied for a lifetime, but in the end he still found nothing, and he still remembered it before he died.If he was really lucky enough to see such a stunt But there is nothing to think about.Gu Mao only thought about taking a picture and burning it in front of the grave.His master will do it.With Gu Mao s anxious expression in his eyes, he naturally knows what request royal blend CBD Gummies Cape Coral Cbd Gummies he wants to say.Without letting him say it, Lu Zian poured a cup of tea and handed it to him with a smile It s just that I thought Master Ma may wish that such a stunt would be accomplished by the descendants of Master Ma.

At that crazy and restless age, only Lu Zian was the quiet place for their souls.Later, Lu Zian suddenly disappeared, and they always regretted it.But now, Lu Zian is back.And in a new and more brilliant way than before, it has returned to everyone s eyes.How can this keep them from getting excited All of a sudden, various forums at home and abroad were filled with the place of peace of mind, that is, the way home I have worshipped you for several years, and I have never doubted my decision Persevere to the end, it is you who made me discover it True beauty such posts.

Before that, he didn t have much expectation for Shen Mange s competition.After all, it was an international fashion competition, and there were hundreds of participants in China, not to mention those from other countries.He even helped out with the mentality of focusing on participation.After all, Shen Mange was young, and it was not a bad thing to have more contact points.But he never expected that Shen Mange would be able mountain sky cbd gummies to take back the gold award Even Shen Mange herself couldn t believe it Gold, Gold Award She was stunned for a few seconds before suddenly laughing Really Of cbd gummies el paso course it is.

She originally made several red clothes, just thinking about what to wear for the newlyweds, but last night she was devastated.Cry Okay, don t be angry, I ll soak in the bathtub later, cough, dry it, and then let someone wash it, iron it, and then I delta 8 cbd gummy bears Cape Coral Cbd Gummies ll do it.Lu Zian did what he said, and quickly packed his clothes.How can it be baked There s still silk here, those embroidery Forget it, I, I ll give them the design Shen Mange blushed as he spoke.This dress is already like this, she didn t Cape Coral Cbd Gummies even see it when she cbd children gummies took it out to display it.

Because Lu Zian properly retains the plane, it has the artistic effect of seeing the big from the small, and it makes people feel that the artistic conception is far reaching, as if the touching sound of the pipa can be vaguely heard in the ears.When the last cut was finished, Lu Zian sighed cbd gummies and migraines lightly, picked up the fine sandpaper and polished it, and also had a leisurely chat Would you like to guess, what is the name of this work Liu Zining didn t even think about it Chang e flies to the moon.

He was actually well intentioned, but Dodo believed it or not, it was beyond his control.No one is going to be standing there and waiting.Regarding their relationship, Lu Zian was just watching from the sidelines, but he could see that in this relationship, Zou Kai actually paid more.Although he always appeared in a nonchalant manner, in fact, in the end, everything that was given to him was still done properly.But just like the princess who made the knight go 999 in the fable, she refused to take even one step, and it is not so strange to lose in the end.

With so many people today, cbd gummies with thc for sleep you are too tired to cook, so just go out to eat.Not tired.Shen Mange He pointed to the table The dishes are all ordered directly at private restaurants, so I ll make soup for you.Hearing the word soup, Lu Zian felt that the first two were big, and he quickly changed the subject Where are Dodol and Zou Kai In it, Zou Kai seems to be making something, and Dodo went to call him.Shen Mange said, scooping out a bowl of soup, can you take cbd gummies on a plane Cape Coral Cbd Gummies and specially handed over a large spoonful of the cuttlefish underneath Come, drink it, today is cuttlefish soup.

The shapes all follow the shape of Lu Zian, and the carvings inside have their own characteristics.They are lined up in a row, which is quite spectacular.The jade carving group is similar.Although they don t know how to make gold and silver, but with Lu Zian s unique pattern hints, the things they make are very simple and elegant.Lu Zian had agreed to share skills long before he came, and there was a sense of satisfaction at this time.It is conceivable that if all these items appeared on the summit, how much impact it would have on traditional craftsmanship.

Of course, you don t have to worry too much.Seeing him answer, Chief Engineer Lin breathed a sigh of relief When we actually operate, all There are dedicated video surveillance equipment, you can rest assured.This Lu Zian is also clear, but he doesn t honey bee cbd gummies know much Okay, then I ll go back and get acquainted first.something about the whole project.The two chief engineers did not expect Lu Zian s cooperation.There is an old saying in China, called servants are proud of things.Some people are more temperamental, not to mention asking him for help, even if they are pressing his neck, they don t necessarily nod.

However, Lu Zian remained calm and indifferent I do have other plans.As soon as these words came out, even reporter Cai was speechless.Isn t the legendary Master Lu very powerful Not so stupid, right In reporter Cai s puzzled eyes, Lu Zian smiled and said, I hope to rejuvenate traditional craftsmanship.This is my real intention to do all these things.Cai reporter smiled relievedly, and then asked the next one.Question I heard that Master Lu went to Wuhu recently to support the iron painting skills.

He picked up the blowtorch and adjusted the heat several times before carefully starting to rub the roots.Spray burn.The fire is too small to achieve the effect, and the fire will burn the wood inside the root material to carbonize, so this degree is a very test of the craftsman s observation.Chapter 109 Zen Lu Zian took a cup of tea and sat from a distance to watch him burn the rotten matter evenly, and then use a wire brush, copper brush to char the parts and the burrs, troughs, pits and other residues with large changes The leather is brushed off.

And she was destined not to get the blessing from her parents, so he gave her the most prosperous promise.Mr.Zhu s long tone interrupted her thoughts Please Kun Shu Shen Mange lowered his head shyly, watching Mr.Zhu stretch out his hand to take the marriage certificate held by Zhang Fengniang s daughter.The dry book is the marriage book that the man sends to the woman.And this Kunshu is naturally the marriage certificate that the woman gave to the man.Everyone can t help but look forward to it.

You made a mistake.After saying that, he was about to hang up.It s me, Akai Zou Kai Zou Kai wailed hoarsely Brother An, help, I m going crazy Lu Zian looked at it and determined that it was an unfamiliar number, so he couldn t help saying strangely cbd gummies what they do You change What s the number What s the matter I m studying, I stole the instructor s mobile phone My god, you don t know how hard I am When Zou Kai talked about his life these days, he was full of snot and tears.It s not a human, this is really a place where birds don t shit, there are no girls Don t hang up You don t even have an internet connection, your phone is confiscated You have to carry all kinds of documents every day.

A string of colorful ribbons did not seem to be very colorful, but the silk and the shape of the pendant made him stunned.If he read it right, the white balls on the top seem to be hollow balls carved from suet jade The jade carving ball with a diameter of less than five millimeters will make a crisp sound when it is shaken lightly.If you look carefully through the hole, there can a child overdose on cbd gummies is a ball with a very similar pattern inside.This Dad Lu held his breath hard and said softly, How many Two, in pairs.

Shen Mange nodded with a smile, and suddenly the conversation changed What did you eat at noon Noon Lu Zian silently looked at the clock on the wall, what the fuck, it s four o clock I didn t feel it when I was busy, but now I m really hungry Didn t you eat Shen Mange s smile faded I didn t see anything cbd gummies for pain reviews Cape Coral Cbd Gummies in the kitchen moving.I don t know why, she was obviously so much younger than him, But when her expression was light, Lu Zian felt a little cold.He smiled awkwardly, and quickly changed the subject Uh, yes, you wait.

He glanced at him amusedly, Lu Zian stood up and washed his hands Huai Su can ask for a pen in the absence of ink, and write moisturizing in the dry ink.Come on, the flesh and blood are in it Wang Duo used a dry pen dipped in heavy ink to write eleven characters in one stroke.Others would not be able to write like this.The so called three pointedness refers to this.If you can reach their realm, you will be reluctant.Others will only say that you cherish ink like gold.Cherish ink like gold, this is a Chinese term for painting.

Call the police.As soon as Lu Zian saw him, he remembered what Shen Mange told him about the will last time, and he didn t want to talk about it so much that he didn t want to pay attention to him at all Yi Tianying has violated the law, you directly Just call the police.Lu Jianfeng frowned and said angrily, How can you call the police If something happens to the police, it will be useless if you lock him up for ten years or a lifetime.What matters now best cbd gummies on market is Xiaohao s.Safety What are you yelling at me for Lu Zian looked at him coldly, without a trace of warmth in his eyes The skill is not as good as people willing to gamble to admit defeat, although Yi Tianying is more serious, but in the end he is right It s Lu Hao asked for it by himself.

Hello.Master Lu, are you going to see the bamboo carvings Shall I take you there Qu Beibei was very enthusiastic.Wenkang quickly said He s going to go to my showcase first Your showcase Qu Beibei frowned slightly Who are you What are your exhibits My surname is Wen, and it s the new Dongyang stunt.His descendants Seeing more and more people looking towards this side, Wenkang raised his chest and said proudly, There are four pieces of my exhibits, all of which embody the most exquisite skills of Dongyang woodcarving.

Hee hee Brother Zi an treats me the best Shen Mange couldn t help dragging his hand and shaking it, rubbing his head.Her rare coquettish appearance made Lu Zian very cute, so she couldn t help reaching out and rubbing her head Silly, I m not good to you.Holding his arms like this, he walked forward, shaking his head and saying in a plausible manner Then how do I know, in case a handsome guy suddenly appears and kidnaps you So you can t just stand FLAG What is this, what a handsome guy.

Lu Zi an knew this principle better than anyone else, but he didn t stop it, and he didn t even reveal a trace of dissatisfaction.This was his hard work, and of course he felt distressed, but he chose to remain silent in order not to embarrass Peng Dajiang and the others.How could she not like Lu Zian, who is gentle at heart and always has a bit of kindness in his interactions with others Admiring enough, Peng Dajiang looked at Lu Zian nervously Master Lu, I m here to discuss with you this time, that is, we haven t had any suitable are cbd gummies fda approved Cape Coral Cbd Gummies photos to show people the process of blacksmithing, so we want to take some pictures.

As soon as a wave rose, the originally stormy sea finally set off a huge wave.Chapter 603 Both Shengyu and He Shengliang s official government also released a draft, which not only exhibited a few extremely gorgeous reborn Qibao roasts, but also said that the reason for applying this craft to the World Heritage List is to let people all over the world appreciate Yunyun.The text piled up with all kinds of gorgeous words makes people feel a headache.The big truth is said, the whole article is actually full of water.

When he announced that he would quit the old school , people kept coming to him.These people are dying to save face, and things that can be clearly explained in one sentence, but all kinds of allusions, gossip, and don t talk about the main point for a long time.However, Master Lu deliberately pretended to be stupid and did not let go of life dr phil cbd gummies and death, so it was at this time.Thinking of the aggrieved expressions of those people, Da Lu had a faint smile in his eyes I thought, Dad, you would always stand your ground.

He showed a faint smile and said solemnly This, I m welcome.You re welcome, you re welcome, I just like your boldness A big brother came over and took his shoulders , walked over with a smile Today, our brothers are not drunk or go home I don t know if it s too late for him to go back and regret it now But when they sat down at the table, everyone else took their seats, and Zou Kai s brain was flexibly working again It s good to eat Indol has never appeared before, but she has to eat, right Zou Kai suddenly regained his spirits and was gearing up to prepare as soon as Indol comes out, he will be like this, anyway, he has to get a chance to meet her When he was thinking about what to say when he saw what Indole should say, Dad Qu asked abruptly Zou Kai, the reborn cloisonne that Master Lu is making now, I heard that the state is preparing to prepare people to learn from him, do you Do you think there are any suitable people among these people present Huh Zou Kai was stunned.

Although they were persuaded not to come, they still could not stop the enthusiastic people.people.With the gradual escalation of this matter, more and more people are alarmed.In the end, the authorities even had to send manpower to help the museum clear the traffic and stop them as much as possible.But unexpectedly, even though the door was crowded, everyone was still very talented.There was no quarrel and scolding, and no influx into the museum.Even as long as you cross that threshold, you can blow air conditioning and break free from the crowd.

Crazy grass is very simple and fast, with continuous and revolving gestures, showing the beauty of art in the frenzy.Lu Zian uses painting into books, clerical into grass, wild and uninhibited gestures, sweeping away thousands of miles, extremely flamboyant and unrestrained.In one stroke, he wrote the four characters Shang Shan Ruo Shui , and Lu Zian walked to the other side to write the words he wanted to give to Zou Kai.Hearing Zhuo Peng and Zou Kai compliment him in various ways, a sadness filled his heart.

When Father Qu and Mother Qu in the room heard the movement, they came out.Seeing their posture, Father Qu wanted to step forward, but was stopped by Beibei.Dad, we can t get involved in this kind of thing.Qu Beibei glanced over there It s better for them to decide things like feelings.This stinky boy is bullying Dodo Sleeve Hey yo, there is nobody in the old Qu family who bullied me, look I can t beat him to death Qu Beibei held him tightly After you passed, their affairs are even more unclear, Dad, you Come in with me It s Cape Coral Cbd Gummies not that Zou Kai didn t hear the movement here, but he chose to ignore it.

He glanced upstairs, his face was ugly, but he still suppressed his emotions Okay, then we will visit again when Master Lu comes back.Gong Jing was particularly unwilling, and was almost dragged out by him.Ying Xuan turned a blind eye to all this, and the expression on his face did not change much.As soon as they went downstairs, Gong Jing shook off Gu Jie s hand Let go of me Gu Jie pushed her into the gazebo and said in a low voice, Junior sister, calm down Calm down How can I calm down Gong Jing blinked and tears rolled down Master drove us out, and Master Lu doesn t want us, what should I do, what should I do Gong Jing gave him a shove All Blame you, Master Lu is obviously upstairs You have to pull me away What I said just now is to leave a way for us.

The eight characters of Long Feifeng Dance, accompanied by the sound of the drum beat, were heavily knocked into people s hearts.Drinking ice for ten years is hard to cool and warm blood This night, many people in Huaxia tossed and turned, unable to sleep.In the big world, everyone suffers.The path you choose, the bitter fruit you bear, you have to swallow it yourself, from the emperor down to the people.Their generation was once accused of being the worst generation, or even a degenerate generation.

If Manman doesn t want to live in the future, he can buy it at a high price.When they got home, Mr.Zhao s first fund from Beiqi had already arrived.The amount exceeded Lu Zian s expectations, but it was still far from the money to buy a house.As soon as he entered the door, Lu Zian found that there was someone at home.There were a lot of good dishes on the cbd gummies have carbs table, two guests sat, and Dad Lu was drinking with him.Seeing Lu Zian coming back, Dad Lu hurriedly waved Manman is back, Zian is here, come here, this is your Uncle Li.

Oh Mr.Lu can also do woodcarving Mr.Zhang said in surprise.Lu Zian suddenly recovered from his thoughts, and after hearing this sentence, he was a little puzzled.Yes, he really likes to do these.Shen Mange played with a small diabolo This diabolo is so small, can it really be played Of course it can.Mr.Zhang was about to reach for it when suddenly Remembering that I haven t finished this one yet, I hesitated for a moment whether to do it or play first Wait a minute, you can play first, and I ll teach you how to play after I finish it.

Lu Zian is really interesting.Each of his creations is an advancement and a breakthrough. This makes many people wonder what his creative end will be.The appearance of this Zen finally broke the inner calm of the industry.Everyone can feel that Lu Zian s realm is gradually improving.If we say that the market that was disrupted by Lu Zian s birth was like a lake with a torrent.So at this moment, the wave driven by him has gradually surfaced.The appearance of Zen changed the fixed thinking of jade carvers.

At this point, she couldn t take care of her own face My blog post Yes, I changed it She closed her eyes and said slowly I received a message from Feng Yu, he begged me to do him a favor, I thought it was okay, so Is that her There was a big uproar in the arena, and the eyes of everyone looking at her were extremely complicated.There are surprises, shocks, and more contempt.There really is such a stupid woman who helps her husband s family to pit her own family before she gets married Everyone looked at Feng Yu with more or less sympathy.

What is this for Lu Zian was about to go in and have a look when he heard his dad say in a tone so gentle that he was almost drowning Coffee, oh little darling, come out quickly, there s something delicious here Chapter 129 Public Welfare Promotional Video Lu Zian s eyes widened Dad, you Shh Lu Jianwei raised his brows, very serious Be quiet, don t scare the coffee That s right, Manman is uncomfortable., hurry up and cook, don t think about being lazy.Lu s mother and her husband sang Fu Sui.

Ying Xuan just cbd gummies nutrition facts handed over the water, and another master s apprentice next to him quickly helped twist a new towel.Lu Zian put down the carving knife and took a sip of water on Ying Xuan s hand.When I took the towel, I felt the joints in my hands were sore.It even took a while to be able to stretch it out.During the period, the knuckles rattled, which made one s teeth sour.Look, you forget the time as soon as you do it.Master Yang looked at the almost translucent jade bottle with admiration, and said with relief Why don t you come here first today, and you only need to dig the gold and silver mistakes.

Yes.Lu Jianwei s tail was about to be lifted up to the sky Hey, then the two national level will all be out of me, Lu Jianwei.Home, you can t get mad at those old guys.Hey Lu Ma slapped him on the head You can save yourself It s okay to daydream by yourself, don t say these words.Tell Zian, let me tell you, don t put so much pressure on him for nothing, Zian, how difficult it is for Zian, you have no conscience As she spoke, she remembered that every time she came back to Changyan for the past two years, Lu Zi an didn t seem to wake up, her heart was so distressed that she couldn t hold back her tears.

Lu Zian s polishing technique is different from other people s.He doesn t focus on polishing a certain point.Instead, it divides a large bottle body by means of points, lines and surfaces.And when grinding, it seems that there is no concern about whether it will be too hard, whether the bottle will be broken, staring at that place and grinding it from various directions.His actions shocked many people at the scene.Uneasy emotions, like spider silk, gently and sticky entangled everyone s heart.

Lu Zian handed back the copper tire This copper tire is not suitable, Do you have copper raw materials with lower purity I originally wanted to use this copper tire to try the tire removing process, but the purity of this copper tire is too high.Although the ductility is very good, the corrosion resistance is too high, which will affect the overall performance.result.For his request, everyone felt very strange.Generally, copper tires are made of the highest purity copper, the purer the better.

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