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As long as they think of such a good copper tire, they will be taken off when they say it, and they are almost suffocated with heartache.Lu Zian weighed the copper tire, and replied without raising his head, No.The focus of his skills lies in cloisonne, and the copper tire is just a foundation for him.Have you ever seen someone give up building a house because the foundation is too beautiful At least he hasn t seen it.Therefore, no matter how reluctant others were, Lu Zian went straight to the cloisonne craftsmanship.

Lu Zian hesitated, and asked He couldn t bear to lie to him, but if he wanted to tell the truth, he didn t necessarily believe it, which was really difficult.He could only think about it and say, I learn things fasterand my brain is flexible It was a little embarrassing to brag about himself like this.Is that so Mr.Zhang thought for a moment, his eyes lit up Then you just watched me do it, did you learn it Out of a kind of cherishing talent, he really did not agree with Lu Zian s behavior. to make gummies cbd Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad

Those movements were like a feather, and they were gently scratching in their hearts.What s the situation like There are not a few people who think so.These people can at least listen to it outside the scene, and more people can only be curious through the screen.Fortunately, the reporters on the scene were very conscientious, and they uploaded them immediately after shooting each one, for fear that they would fall behind.It s terrifying that every shot doesn t even need to be retouched.

All kinds of emotions are intertwined, making Qu Dodol hesitated for a while before saying You said, if there is a particularly tough girl, you have nothing to do with it, you are very good to her, what is the general reason Sturdy Ying Xuan is an honest child, he thought about it and said, I don t know what other people think, anyway, if it were me, either because I couldn t beat her, or I respect her.He s a man.Sure enough, honest people are more ruthless than ordinary people.

Why is this craft so similar to the lost micro manufacturing of Donglin s wood carving craftsmanship No, cbd sleepytime gummies more than that, there are even hollowed out flowers Lu Zian s hand holding the knife is gentle and slow, gradually carving out various patterns on the railings, such as ice cracks, lantern frames, pan intestines, horned water chestnuts, hexagonal water chestnut flowers, and diagonal crossings, which are hard to see What s even more rare is that he didn t draw any lines at all, but the patterns he carved out were all straight, and there was no one skewed.

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Master Ma also laughed Your opinion is unique.Lu Zian spread his hands It s true.A pun.As for whether he is saying that he has a unique opinion, or that this classic story is true, let him experience it for himself.While chatting and laughing, I also walked to the Qing Dynasty Zhiyu inlaid gemstone bowl, which was as white as congealed fat.The whole is very beautiful, and the ears made of small longevity peaches on both sides are very cute.The wall of the vessel is very thin, and the outer wall of the belly is decorated with flower and leaf patterns.

Even the diving people came out.They greeted all the eighteen generations of the ancestors of the previous trolls.After scolding, they swiped the screen to let Shen Mange continue the live broadcast.Brother Zi an Shen Mange was also very moved, and looked at him with bright eyes I Lu Zian patted her Don t be angry, it s not worth being angry for a fool, you know You tell me, it started with Who made you angry I ll cut him for you Well this question is great.Shen Mange was in a good mood now, so he decided to let him go Forget it, it doesn t matter, I m very happy now Sure enough, he was his good natured baby with a good temper.

Watching him do push ups, the live broadcast room exploded.Wow, you really look thin when you dress, and you have meat when you take off your clothes.The lines of your arms are really muscular He must have eight pack abs I shivered when I looked at the master s dress, you must know that Changyan City has only been twice today If I wear so little, I will be in pain as soon as the day comes.I really want to be a man in my next life, and I don t have relatives to look after me.

I would like to ask you to do the same with silver filigree craftsmanship.Make it and put it in your museum He stretched out his hand and took the cloth bag in the little girl s hand Don t worry, I won t let you work in vain, this is the old man s life savings, it should be paid for the work.That s enough, haha.Lu Zian sat on the spot, watched him open the cloth bag, and gropedly put it on the table.A piece of gold and silver light flashed, and it turned out that the cloth bag was full of pieces of gold and silver, which should add up to 20,000 yuan.

Mr.Xie took a deep breath and thoughtfully said That s it We also want to ask if Master Ying has any ideas.If it is suitable, it would be best to give us some pointers, but it doesn t matter if it doesn t work At first, they wanted to find Lu Zian.After all, Lu Zian once pointed out the restoration of the bronze chariot and horse.But they couldn t get in touch with Lu Zian, especially after Ying Xuan appeared, they had no news of Lu Zian at all.There was no way out of this, so he bravely went to the door to find Ying Xuan.

Dododol rewarded a plane Indole The anchor asks for a reservation I want to carve whatever I want Lu Zian decisively refused Sorry, today s work has another use, so I won t sell it.Dodol expressed his sadness, and silently sent a rocket and stopped talking.After the red cloth covering the wood was uncovered, many people showed their approval.Although the wood provided by Xingjia is not comparable to lobular red sandalwood, it is high tech cbd gummies reviews also a relatively rare boxwood.The wood grain of boxwood is tough, fine grained, solemn in color, smooth and smooth to touch with hands, unmatched by other woods, and has always been known as ivory in wood.

On the contrary, the girl stared at Shen Mange for several times before she lowered her head enviously.Looking at their expressions, Lu Zian had already figured out their roots in half a cup of tea.Surprisingly, it wasn t among those who were picking things up.The two brothers from the Qian family are the apprentices of Master Ma s eldest brother, and the other male and one female are the apprentices of Master Ma s second eldest brother.Lu Zian thought for a moment and then readily agreed Okay.

Ganqing was a frightened little fool.Her heart blossomed with joy, but her voice was still serious.Of course it s true. Before, it was to let you familiarize yourself with various crafts more quickly.If your skills are not up to standard, you will naturally not leave homework.Now that the heat is almost the same, of course you have to do homework. Why does it feel like I m back in high school.It s the same for us before, we still need to take the exam, the top three are promoted, and the ones who didn t pass the exam It s terrible The legs are shaking, and the voice is shaking, MMP, panic Lu Ahui teased for a while, feeling that he was about to form a group, so he quickly calmed down.

They slowly circled around the majestic three shrine cave wood carving in the middle.The still three shrine cave in the middle has exquisite wood carvings, and the complicated carving process shows its uniqueness.The overall shape twists and turns, showing beautiful line art, especially the wood carvings of fairies dancing slowly around are vivid and vivid, as if to symbolize the endlessness of everything in the world, and the cycle is endless.Chapter 85 At that time, I was too young to go around woodcarving.

When carving the pattern, the openwork technique is used.The layers of jade carvings are increased, and the patterns of many works are up and down with two or three layers or even four layers.However, no one could understand what he was doing.It looks like a mortise and tenon, but it is more of a carving.The jade stone turned rapidly in his palm, and the jade chips fell on the ground one after another.Carving two or three layers of scenery inside and outside on a piece of jade material is called unique skill in the jade carving industry.

Zhuo said earnestly You are a young man, don t be afraid of suffering Zhuo Peng scolded I am not afraid of suffering, I am only afraid of trouble.But even so, he finally told Lu Zian about it.Lu Zian was thinking about whether the tenon and mortise structure of the jade building was feasible.He wanted to ask someone for advice, and he agreed on the spot.Chapter 289 Danny, who ate with them, was quite familiar, and it was very pleasant to call Ying Xuan a brother.After Lu Zian hung up the phone, Danny hesitated and leaned over That Master Lu, I would like to ask, did you do this month soul selling He might think that Yue Po was a little rude, and he said it rightly.

The carvers stepped forward to appreciate it carefully, and finally nodded, and placed this auspicious item on the altar in the eyes of the representative of the rock carver.The bricklayer s auspicious product is a stack of extremely square brick red tiles.It is rare that each piece has a handprint pattern on where to buy shark tank cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad the reverse side, but the surface is very smooth.The overall appearance is beautiful and neat, and it is very delicate.Jie Jiang s good product is much simpler, it is a very thin piece of wood, without any carving or any pattern, just one word thin.

One opening and one closing is one, but it is much faster than before.Zou Kai was happily which cbd gummies are best for anxiety clipping a dozen or so, and suddenly became melancholy again Hey, I said, can the walnuts in this door be able to nourish the brain You must be fine While having fun, someone knocked on the door.Shen Mange put the thing in Qu Daldo s hand, got up and walked towards the door.The man seemed more impatient, and the knocking on the door increased.Come on.Shen Mange looked alertly through the cat s eyes, and after confirming that Lu Jianfeng was alone, he opened the door and asked suspiciously, Hello Is Zi an here Lu Jianfeng leaned over and looked inside Is he there I m looking for him in a hurry Shen Mange frowned aries cbd gummies and said, What s the matter with you She originally went with the intention of negotiating and negotiating, but Lu Jianfeng didn t say a few words.

I said I had a stomachache and didn t follow.Feng Xiaoxun walked quickly and led them around a corner to a room.This room is at the end of the corridor.Lu Zian never opened it when he came to participate in the show.The next row is full of such rooms.If they don t have a key, they will get cold when they finish removing the daylily one by one.If it wasn t for Feng Xiaoxun, he might have really lost his mind tonight.Feng Xiaoxun took out the key and tossed it what are the strongest cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad for a while, slapped the door, and whispered, Grass, they changed the locks.

Especially in terms of cultural inheritance, they all agreed with his novel method rather than rigid study.Others have put forward a lot of suggestions, and cited the classics and analyzed them one by one.Lu Zian had become the center of their conversation.Although it was not obvious, the topic really revolved around him.After all, they were all very familiar with each other.Lu Zian entered for the first time, and they were also very curious about him.But this kind of how much cbd to take gummies curiosity is very decent and does not make people feel uncomfortable.

Next is makeup and dressing up.To color the puppets, many puppet masters nowadays use white acrylic paint directly.Although the paint is white, it is too white and distorted.Then, layers of paint are applied to make it look like a monkey butt, not only Not good looking and a little scary.Lu Zian couldn t help thinking about how to change it to make the puppet look more natural, instead of the feeling of being out of touch with the society Chapter 133 The corpse was broken into pieces Lu Zian pondered, and wanted the puppet s makeup to become If it is more natural, some other elements must be added He glanced at Shen Mange who was sitting next to him watching Manman, go get your cosmetics.

And Lu Zian still didn t move.Ying Xuan couldn t sit still Master, don t you don t care Don t worry.Lu Zi an finished his breakfast calmly, full of energy cbd gummies stop smoking reviews As long as the words are vehement without substance, there is nothing to be said.Strength.Taking Ying Xuan to the workshop, Master Yang had already arrived.On the table, two pieces of Hetian jade were placed upright.Hetian jade is the leader in the Chinese jade group, and there is a saying in Thousand Characters that Gold is born in Lishui, and jade is born in Kungang.

But without exception, they all came for him, Lu Zian.Lu Zian s eyes are calm, and his voice is still very calm I will not promise or swear, I will only work harder and repay everyone s love with my works, thank you.Although it was only two short sentences, it could clearly outline his confidence.There was thunderous applause, and many people s eyes burst into light.Some people couldn t help but say excitedly Master Lu, I want to talk to you about cooperation Yes, don t just focus on the home furnishing industry, I think Although Lu Zian is not good at interpersonal relationships Contact, but not shy, with a cold look on his face, but he is respected for no reason.

Go back and get caught in Tang poetry.Flat, like crushed lovesickness.Only the souls of her and Zi an can talk like this, how can others understand this kind of romance.Chapter 290 Drought to death, flood to flood She slowly pressed the key, typing word by word Exquisite Dice An Hongdou.Lu Zian s lips curled slightly after reading the text message.His little girl misses him.Delicate dice An Hongdou, deep in love, I don t know Lu Zian smiled, and his fingertips slowly stroked his palm.

Lu Zian smiled Although it s not surprising How could it be Expert Dai clenched his fist and waved at him You may never understand how terrible it will affect China in the future when you make this decision No matter when, such trust will always Makes people feel very happy.Lu Zian smiled slightly, and discussed the details of the book with Expert Dai in detail.At this moment, Director Yao walked in.Seeing that Expert Dai was also there, he hesitated for a second, but came over Master Lu.

Seeing their indifferent appearance, Shi Cunzhen was so angry that his nose was crooked, and he couldn t help sneering and sneering Last time, when Lu Zian changed from wood carving to jade carving, someone said that.This Lu Zian , what kind of potential it has, no one can give an accurate answer.He started from wood carving, turned out to be born, and entered the jade carving world single handedly, overwhelming many seniors who couldn t make it out.Then they crushed all the buildings in the puppet country with the tenon and mortise jade building, forcing them to bow their heads to the eagle country in exchange for blueprints.

Many people have even become numb, no longer arguing about anything, just hope that they can reach the end and say this word without regrets, and their life will not be in vain.I thought that I would have to bear those infamy all my life, but I didn t expect that at the juncture of nearly 30 years old, someone went upstream and completely rewritten the history of this generation.In every corner, there are people screaming We have never been a fallen generation It turned out that it was such a happy thing to be admitted by those who once looked at them with disappointment.

He knew that Ma Zheng didn t lie, but he was even more annoyed by it.Doing thisdoes it do you any good Ruan Zhi looked at him with a hoarse voice, and said with grief and despair If you can t survive on your own, you re going to force us all to death, right Someone suddenly cried out When the sound came, he rushed up the steps and shouted Uncle Shi Why did you do this to us, how did we offend you You have ruined my life If you are not willing, speak up as soon as possible cbd strength gummies With eyes circled, he glared at him angrily We have been studying for so many years, and you suddenly come here, what do you want us to do in the future This is also what everyone is most worried about.

Although the time to wait is very hard, but the hardships come, this kind of happiness seems to come more real and lingering.She wrapped her arms around his and leaned lightly on his shoulder.The years are quiet, and the world is stable.very nice.When I drove to the private courtyard behind the museum, I could hear the movement from the front of the museum and the Lu residence from a distance.Ying Xuan climbed to the attic a few times, and quickly came down again.It s incredible, there are so many people.

At this time, she stood beside Lu Zian with a smile, but she was not concealed by his elegance.At this moment, everyone suddenly realized why it was her and only her.Lu Zian took the folding fan handed over by Shen Mange, and couldn t help but be deeply impressed by the exquisite craftsmanship.The most wonderful feature of Kesi fabric is that it is double sided.If double sided embroidery is the pinnacle of embroidery, then the pattern of different patterns on both sides is an insurmountable achievement of kesi.

Lu Zian glanced at her, she blinked innocently, and the meaning was obvious she felt that the Bai family was acting, and she was a big band aid., can t see Okay The uncle of the Bai family raised his hand, Bai Zihang brushed off his clothes and handed him a knife.Holy crap, it s for real Seeing that the uncle didn t say a word of nonsense, he slashed with one knife, and Lu Zian hurriedly stopped him.Don t stop Mr.Lu, he is so inconsiderate, it s useless to keep this hand Although my uncle is old, he is not weak.

The desperation that was suppressed but could not be concealed was like a huge net that bound them tightly, with no way to escape.At that time, Zi an was also very heartbroken, cbd gummies interactions but he decided to come back and inherit the craftsmanship.Most cbd gummies comparison of the reasons were because of the connection between father and son.As Dad Lu s bedside for many years, Mom Lu has never seen him look so out of control.She opened her mouth, but didn t say anything, she just squeezed back gently.Although the journey has been bumpy, fortunately, everything is going in a good direction.

I don t believe it without the backstage I didn t expect even the woodcraft competition to be so sacred.There will also be shady things about it, and I am utterly disappointed The reaction of many contestants was probably the same.The judges all looked calm, obviously already knowing how they would react.In order to show fairness, we have specially left Mr.Lu s work Jiangnan , the contestants and audience present can come to the stage from the left to appreciate it.If you still feel that his champion name is not true after reading it, Then we will seriously consider whether to ban his ranking.

Grateful already.After finishing this matter, Bai Shuhang breathed a sigh of relief, and left after eating with confidence.As soon as he returned to the store, he was blocked by someone.Facing a group of eagerly seeing seniors, Bai Shuhang truthfully conveyed Lu Zian s answer.They thought they would be angry or disappointed, but unexpectedly everyone was happy.Oh, if you don t refuse, then there is hope Yes, I understand Master Lu.He never sets goals for nothing.Since he said he wants to discuss, he must have an idea.

This is also the first time in the past three years that Huaxia art creators have won this honor.The last time he received this title was a major teacher who is now well known.Chapter 245 Does he still have any hope of winning Although Lu Jianwei also heard the news, he never expected that the first person to congratulate him and confirm the news would be Chongyun.After the simple chat of meeting, they sat down on the sofa together.Chongyun first congratulated tree of life cbd gummies Zian, and then said, Brother Lu, next year s IOV International Folk Culture Festival will be held in Huaxia.

Even Zou Kai glanced at the number and covered his chest with some unsteady breathing This world is so unfair hum In the evening, Mr.Fan came to Lu s house with his apprentices.They brought up quite a few things, apparently to apologise.Chapter 576 I like her like this They mentioned a lot of things, obviously to apologize.But Lu Zian didn t see him.He told his family at dinner time, and everyone said he wasn t home.Therefore, only Dad Lu came delta 8 thc and cbd gummies forward to accompany Mr.Fan.Both of them are excellent people.

Hollow engraving is the most critical stage of creation.It requires the skill of the knife, the processing of lines and surfaces, and the changes in various modeling methods, all of which must obey cbd 50 mg gummies the needs of the theme content, so that the meaning, shape and knife are organically integrated.At such a time, it is impossible for him to be distracted by the outside world.Although everyone in the live broadcast room could not hear his voice, they slowly felt the wonderful atmosphere, and the barrage stopped involuntarily.

Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad (Pain), [cbd gummies diarrhea] Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad cbd gummies near me Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad.

In contrast, this silver vase from the Qing Dynasty is more similar to our Qibao burning.This is nonsense, because it is an imitation, and others have generously written it on the name.In addition, from the point of view of craftsmanship, Lu Zian s piece is similar to Qibao burning in many ways, mainly in the technique of removing the copper tire and the technique of spotting blue.A master of Qibao burning from a puppet country who was invited from thousands of miles away He talked eloquently A kind of viscous glaze once appeared in our country.

In his heart, Mr.Ren was no different from his elders.Although the old man Ren is a frail body, he has the courage of the Chinese people to never admit defeat.This kind of character deserves his respect The undertaker carefully cleaned the face of Mr.Ren and slowly put on makeup.Step by step, Old Man Ren s pale face became rosy and lustrous, his demeanor was soft green cbd gummies united kingdom and peaceful, and there was even a slight smile on the corners of his lips, as if he was just asleep.When everything was ready, Ying Xuan also returned with the West Band.

But even though her kissing skills were so does now nutrition have cbd gummies poor, even biting him a little bit, he still had a reaction.Warm fragrant nephrite in the arms, how can there be no reason to not be moved.But Lu Zian was naturally emotional, but he was still a little hesitant in his heart.He s not a fool, Manman s meaning couldn t be clearer.If Manman was two years older, she wouldn t need to work so hard at all, he would have eaten her up long ago.Her life has just begun, and there are still many opportunities to choose.

This little girl is no longer the pure cutie, she has already mastered the trick of flirting with Han, and she is about to fly immortal.He wanted to laugh again, and was a little itchy, and finally replied I ll take care of you when you come back Go to sleep now Just by looking at this message, he knew what his expression would be now, Shen Mange laughed half deadly, and replied good peach nectar cbd gummies night with shaking Top Cbd Gummies Good Or BadPusat Informasi Pejabat Pengelola Informasi Dan Dokumntasi (PPID) hands.After watching TV for a while, Lu Zian went back to the bedroom.He was about to go to bed after washing up when Ying Xuan knocked on his door Master, are you asleep Master asked me to wake you up Master Zhuo is here.

Lu Zian adjusted the wind to blow slowly to her.Wow, Brother Zi an, you are so kind Shen Mange rubbed his palm against his palm and raised his voice Look, it s a straight road right now, right I ll go abroad, then read it for a few years, get recommendations, and then pass five hurdles.Six generals, participate in various competitions and then climb up slowly.Well, it looks like this at the moment.But Shen Mange turned his head sharply I can t guarantee that there is no senior brother like Master Ma on the way forward.

What does it mean Come and help Yi costner cbd gummies host brows trembling.This time, Ying Xuan finally understood.He was a warm hearted person, and he hurried over Host Yi, do you have a pain in your eyes Did you get sawdust There was a low pitched roar from the audience.Forget it, it Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad s embarrassing enough anyway.Host Yi broke the jar and threw it This, I can t see what it looks like Ying Xuan snorted, followed his gaze to the wood, looked at it carefully, and changed several angles in succession.

He looked eager, grabbed his hand as soon as he came over, and panted, You, hello, can you please invite me Would you like to come with me Huh Who are you Lu Zian frowned, handed the trophy to Shen Mange, and wanted to take it out.My name is Bai Zihang, I m from the Bai family, Dongyangbai is my grandfather, can you please come with me Soon.Bai Zihang let go medici quest cbd gummy bears of his hand, calmed down a little, and quickly introduced himself.Winter sun white Is that the old man of the Bai family who claims to have the stunt of Dongyang woodcarving Mr.

Ying Xuan was even more overjoyed, and was busy with tea and water Master, it s finally done It s not done yet.Once stimulated, his soul was clear This is just the beginning.Huh Ying Xuan was completely dumbfounded This, this is just the beginning Seeing Master Yang and the others paying so much attention before, he thought it was enough to open the slot.Woolen cloth Lu Zian smiled and handed the towel back to him Well, the inlay of the pressed gold wire at the back is also very important.

Jipin is not used to compete for skills, but to show Luban master.Jipin is actually just to ask for auspiciousness, and a good Jipin also symbolizes a good omen for the craftsmen in the coming year.First of all, this auspicious product has to pass the technical level, and secondly, it has a profound artistic conception and is full of emotion.Once Lu Yunjing was famous for a nuclear carving at the Luban meeting, and then began his brilliant journey.Lu Zian was about to move, but Ying Xuan, who followed up, had already rushed forward Master, I ll help you move His eyes were cbd gummy packaging Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad bright and he looked very much looking forward to it, but Lu Zian didn t refuse and let him go.

This sound seems to have magic power, the strings are in the heart of the heart, and people can t stop plucking.Even after listening to this short paragraph, Lu Zian had already recognized it.Jade Pipa.They really did.Lu Zian s brows softened, and a smile appeared in the corners of his eyes.But the surprise is obviously more than that.The sound of the pipa gradually increased from slow to fast, and a slight cbd gummies 1000mg Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad trembling sound was added leisurely.There was a burst of joy in his eyes Good The sound of the xiao was added in a natural way, echoing the vibrato of the pipa, like the ripples of the river in spring.

As a result, Lu Zian played his cards completely out of reason.After a short thought, he said in a quiet voice The next one.The skills are endless, and he is satisfied Yes, always the next one.Host Yi was stunned and couldn t help laughing Just now, a netizen asked a question, he said that he heard someone say that a skilled woodcarving master like you, Master Lu, can do something casually and it is 100,000 million Yes, are carpenters really so valuable Since they are so rich, why do they need to work so hard to publicize and call on people to protect traditional culture Lu Zian did not rush to answer, but thought carefully before saying solemnly I said before, Tonghai woodcarving master Gao Yingmei is a very rare genius, he makes a living by woodcarving, among his works, One of them was even bought into Hong Kong and sold to Europe.

Well, okay.It just so happened that she also wanted to ask Uncle Lu for something.The picture was being warm, and suddenly someone knocked on the door.You eat, I ll open it.Lu Zian thought that the low key brother should be here, so he went to open the door.Standing outside the door was a handsome guy with thick eyebrows and big eyes.He looked very energetic in a straight suit.He looked a little nervous Hello, how are you My name is Zhuo Peng, and I m the one in the live broadcast room.

And where did this Feng Wuxi come from Why did he take his master s carving knife He was just about to explode No, he has to think of a way to give this person a slap in the face.Lu Zian was unaware of the torrent between them.He didn t even notice Feng Wuxi was coming.He put down the triangular knife and took the oblique knife, and slowly cleaned the burrs.After completing this final step, the skirt board is completed.He did not rush to polish it, but pushed the skirt board to one side Next piece.

Admire these works of art infused with his emotions, thoughts, and his skilled craftsmanship.You can feel the sincerity of his dedication to artistic creation.Each piece of work is unique and full of aura.However.The camera cuts to reveal the face of a young child, who then grows rapidly and ages again.The barren city is progressing and developing rapidly, with high rise buildings and busy traffic.This is just what we have seen, the beauty of traditional culture, what about the other side An old face suddenly appeared on the screen, and Dad Lu was stunned when he saw him.

Even Master Guan s apprentice had to admit that this was the best time Master played Guangling San.That kind of chilling aura came to the face, as if it were real.What is even more rare is that the voice is clear and clear, and the uninhibitedness of the romantic celebrities is vividly displayed.At this moment, Master Guan seems to have transformed into Ji Kang.The unrestrained and uninhibited in the bones and blood are all vented in the sound of the piano.Let the people who hear it have no time to do other things, but can only immerse themselves in the tune.

Could it be that Lu Zian wants to enter the home furnishing industry What will he do I think he wants to bundle sales with us, such as the things his apprentices make and sell them together with our furniture This doesn t seem realistic., Master Lu seems to have an online shop, and the things his apprentice makes are sold on the side, and they are out of stock.There are different opinions, and all kinds of guesses make everyone extremely puzzled.Lu Zian is really incomprehensible.

Lu Zian explained in a calm voice as he operated The glue synthesized from natural substances and special minerals and pigments Mixing, adjusting the appropriate proportions, and using a little skill can make the painting colors more vivid and not fade.The original bowl, and later the murals, both work independently. 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The beauty of heaven and earth, the sequence of the four seasons, and the prosperity of all things are all caused by the mighty force of nature and cannot be changed by man.The twenty four solar terms are not only a valuable astronomical calendar system in ancient China, but also more important.It s the social value behind it.The twenty four solar terms began in the Warring States Period, and then went through countless dynasties, which were refined step by step, and finally came to today s twenty four solar terms.

The most surprising thing was that Lu Ahui was not nervous at all.He digs cleanly, one layer, two layers layer by layer, until finally, the whole body is thin and transparent.If it is not inlaid with gems, it will even feel that the utensil has disappeared.Master.Lu Ahui finally stopped and said shyly, I can t dig any thinner.Grind the inner wall.Lu Zian didn t turn his head back.Oh.Lu Ahui picked up the sandpaper and polished it carefully.Even the grinding method is extremely professional.

, why are you asking this.Oh, we talked about it Shen Mange seemed to be interested, and sat next to him with a smile I can t tell you, you are such a straight man, haha, I can t believe it., could it be that you lied to me Lu Zian frowned What s wrong with dating, I m in my twenties, it s not normal to fall in love, what are you doing to lie to you, but there is less communication with her, at that time I was busy with work, and I always had to work overtime.I don t have time Hey, what are you asking about, you little brat.

Stone carving is the art of carving and processing the stones of peach pits, olive pits and other fruits royal blend cbd gummies free Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad as raw materials.The reason why his grandfather Lu Yunjing became a famous master in China was because he was very good at nuclear carving.From wood carving to nuclear carving, it is very difficult to complete this transition perfectly.Because the core is small and hard to grip, it is very difficult to carve.Without certain skill and experience, it is difficult to perform skills on this small core.

And this kind of operation Everyone looked at each cbd gummies 1000mg ebay other.Watching the public welfare short film on TV, Feng Wuxi and Wenkang were speechless.Chongyun quickly twisted the rosary and breathed rapidly.He forced himself to calm down, and then said solemnly, Go to the phone and ask what s going on.It was my advertisement that I said earlier, why did I suddenly change someone He has been looking for the right opportunity, originally thinking that after Feng Wuxi defeated Lu Zian, or Wenkang defeated Ying Xuan, he would throw the bombshell that he is the Fuan Provincial Cultural Ambassador.

Ying Xuan stretched out his right hand, fine, with three knives.Sit, face me, and dig a hole for me.Lu Zian nodded at the chair next to him.Dig another hole Ying Xuan stretched his neck, thinking that there was something wrong with his ears.He honestly sat down on the chair next to him, but didn t look sideways, Lu Zian asked him to do what he did.The first is to outline the bamboo leaves, then the bamboo poles, and slowly render them into a bamboo forest No problem Looking at this skillful technique, I have not practiced less at a glance.

Dad Lu squinted his eyes and smiled happily.Lu Zian came downstairs and handed him the pen holder in his hand Dad, I just made this, see if you like it.Huh Oh, this sculptor He took it in his hand and watched it carefully, repeatedly admiring Good material does not carve, good material does not carve, it has a quaint style Wonderful, really wonderful Good materials don t carve Shen Mange helped set the chopsticks, and said strangely What do you mean Lu Zian took the bowl out of the kitchen cabinet and explained casually It is to express good materials and seek to maximize the natural beauty of materials.

Chapter 597 The Great Dao to Jian Lu Zian took this copper tire to the workbench, picked up the file and gently scratched the copper tire.The cut surface reveals a clear trace, revealing the red copper color of the copper tire itself.Huh Lu Zian frowned, rubbed his fingertips lightly, the cut surface was smooth, and the copper tire was extremely pure, but this kind of copper tire was not suitable for bodily cloisonne.Seeing that he didn t move, an old master couldn t help but asked with concern, Master Lu, what s wrong It s okay.

Host Yi Wei Wei With a wry smile, he Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad sighed helplessly But this place is really dazzling, can you remove it It s such a superfluous feeling, OCD can t hurt it.There are several similar bumps in other places., but they are all rounder and less eye catching, which is really incongruous.At this time, the camera also switched to the overhead shot, and there was an uproar in the live broadcast room.My God, is this really still wood It feels like rachael ray cbd gummy bears the surface of the lake where the sun has just risen.

But now his system is being repaired, whether it can be repaired, everything is unknown.The key to this restoration lies in his influence and craftsmanship precision.Lu Zian thought again and again, looked at Ying Xuan calmly, and said the truth I m not sure.Even the master is not sure After hearing this, Ying Xuan became even more worried.He put his hands on his knees, struggled again and again, and gritted his teeth Master, let me go Huh Lu Zian looked at him in surprise.Raise soldiers for a thousand days, use them for a while Ying Xuan s eyes were firm, and his slightly childish face was full of firmness Master, let me go I have been taught by you, I have studied for so long, and my skills have greatly improved, and The reason why the above gave you such a big problem is because I brought cloisonne in front of you Having said this, Ying Xuan felt infinite remorse.

What s wrong The dishes are not to your taste Lu Zian gave her a chopstick to chop chili and stir fry chicken gizzards.The food in this restaurant is not bad.The chicken gizzards are very clean and have no peculiar smell.It tastes chewy and tastes good.Shen Mange took a bite No, I m just thinking about one thing Lu Zian was about to ask her what she was thinking, and Mr.Zhuo and the others had already poured their cups.a cup.The guests enjoyed the meal.Originally, Han Zhe wanted to send Lu Zian and the others back to the hotel, but because he drank, Zou Kai decided to cbd gummies for anxiety uk do it.

The process is a little more complicated, but it is easier than getting rid of the copper tire.Lu Zian nodded I ve seen that kind of craft, Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad but it s too heavy and doesn t meet my needs.Need What needs Everyone looked at each other, feeling that they couldn t keep up with Master Lu s ideas at all, and they didn t know what kind of work he wanted to make.Ying Xuan was thoughtful, and while helping to organize the tools in the past, he also quickly thought about the next steps in his mind.

Serious men are always the most handsome.At this time, Lu Zian pursed his lips slightly and moved the mechanism with his fingers.Obviously it was just a few simple moves.fell on the table.At that moment, everyone looked at him with a trace of heat in their eyes.Expert Dai s eyes were burning with flames, and he said excitedly and excitedly Master Lu, can you show me how to assemble it Yes.Lu Zian slowly shook the umbrella pole to make sure it was empty inside.There was nothing left, so I pushed aside the messy parts and took out a piece and put it in.

Gently lift the mechanism, the puppet s eyes swiped to the left.Thousands of words can t match this charming glance.Qu Dodol, who was standing on one side, felt her breathing stagnate.She was standing beside her and looked at it.She knew that this was a wooden sculpture, but the look in her eyes made her feel as if the puppet was alive.Ah, ah, my God, these eyes are so real This look Absolutely Indeed a master Give my knees Come on, come on, who was that just now, come out and live to eat.

Chapter 94 Pixiu hugs the ball Brother Zi an, look Shen Mange walked over with the cat in his arms, smiling contentedly It s so cute Lu Zian looked up, and the cat glanced at him lazily Meow Are you cold Sit here.Lu Zian patted the right side.Shen Mange sat down with Mao Yiyan in his arms Fortunately, it s not too cold.Bai Shuhang moved two chairs over, arranged the tools and wood one by one, and looked back at Bai Zihang, seeing that he couldn t come, he looked at gnc gummies cbd him Xiang Lu Zian said pitifully, Master Lu, can you take a look at my brother by the way, his carving is not very good Been messing around for years.

Cloisonne is made of enamel, and enamel is an opaque object, while Qibao burning is a transparent glaze.Cloisonne is mixed into enamel with pigments, and then filled into a copper wire frame made of silver.The enamel of various colors is very thick and opaque.In Qibao ware, a layer of red mercury is applied on the copper ware, then a pattern is made, and what is pure cbd gummies good for then a transparent glass glaze is applied, which is completely transparent and reflective.The color of cloisonne is inside the enamel, and the color of Qibao is under the transparent glass glaze, which is a significant difference between the two.

Well, the color is okay, Lu Zian put it aside What about this one Can you what is a cbd gummy bear tell us Qu Daluo, who was next to him, was also interested, and introduced various lipsticks with Shen Mange.From time to time, 666 is flashed, indicating that it is amazing.It turns out that each lipstick is really different, I can t see it at all, not all of them are red Suddenly remembered that I once gave a gift to a girl, I bought her four of the same lipstick according to her lipstick This is why you are single.

Huh Lu Zian paused for a moment and nodded, Yes, you can let them in.The next second, a group of people swarmed in and surrounded the table.A collector didn t think much about it, and said directly and decisively Master Lu, I like your nuclear carving very much.How much are you willing to shoot Meng Chenyu was still looking at the nuclear carving, and after hearing this, he quickly said cbd infused gummies Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad Master Lu, don t be in a hurry, this piece of yours will have absolutely no problem in the museum, don t sell it Lu Zi installed the work too carefully, didn t hear it, and continued on.

Lu Zian went straight in, picked up the hammer and lightly weighed it I want to try it myself.Hammer Everyone in the workshop silently looked at the roaring machine.During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were tire casting, tire picking, Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad and tire drilling processes.With the development of modern technology, in addition to some complex shapes of copper tires, some of the first tires are still artificially used.Xiao has realized the process of using machinery for car, pressing, rolling, and spinning, and implementing mechanical tire making.

Go, unfortunately I didn t see the face.The driver was holding the box, hesitant I don t know why don t you go in and ask Liu Zining walked in and asked a few people, but they all said they didn t pay attention.Could it be that he was wrong Ah, I remembered, someone came in and asked me before.One of his colleagues turned around and said hesitantly, He came to ask Master Chongyun s contact information, and he said that he also studied wood carving., called Wenkang.Wenkang This name sounds a little familiar Wenkang called Chongyun in the car.

Shupu County Chronicle once recorded Deng Dayi s Zhuzhi Ci Pear orchard disciples do not know how to farm, but a load of puppets is everywhere.Okay.But after the Chongyang wind and rain, the village performances will be successful.The carving knife swayed at his fingertips, almost no effort needed, and the tip of the knife gently tapped on the wood, Lu Zian raised his eyebrows and smiled Puppets, named after the puppets.Yu Zhuomu is used as a puppet and uses a wooden stick to manipulate the action.

, With this bridge, you can switch over naturally.The whole bridge passes elegantly above, without obstructing the view, but it perfectly solves this problem.The bridge expert looked at the small model in his hand with a serious expression, and his expression was unpredictable.They have indeed encountered this problem, such as the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge currently under preparation.Many people can t figure out whether the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge should be left or right.

Although they don t know much about carving, but in recent years, Lu Zian s reputation has become more and more popular, even in remote places, they have heard of it.If Lu Zian is not talented, then I really don t know who is talented.But he has a gentle temperament and never deliberately makes things difficult for people.In contrast, Lu Zian is so approachable, which is especially rare.After three days of testing, they finally came to an exciting conclusion Lu Zian s model is not only feasible, but according to their accurate calculations, even the simulated waves are very suitable After getting this good news, Chief Engineer Su specially invited someone to set up a table seat, and everyone filled the lobby box of a hotel directly.

This benefit My mother, I suddenly feel so happy Wow, the master is so handsome I announce wyld cbd gummies review Cbd Gummies Good Or Bad that I am in love I have a husband Bah, my husband is mine, don t grab me Upstairsyou seem to be a man Thinking about it Lu Zian has already gone to pick wood, so he didn t see any of these.This time, the wood that Boss Qu sent was also big.It was piled thickly in the corner.He dug out a few chunks of heavy elm, and patted it.The wood has good elasticity, and I felt quite satisfied.Elm wood is tough, with clear texture and moderate toughness.

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